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Growing up in the Pittsburgh suburbs with a large, organic garden in our yard—compost! chickens!—I always felt like my family was the odd one on the block.  As a child I would have gladly traded in my parents’ homemade ratatouille for the frozen TV dinners my friends were having. As I reached my teen years, however, I began to realize that what my family had was special. My “unusual” upbringing eventually inspired me to become a dietitian.

I have spent much of my career working as a critical care dietitian alongside medical professionals in various hospitals. With that clinical background as a foundation, I began to explore my true interest:  Helping people make the right choices in their everyday lives, whether they’re recovering from health setbacks, fighting the “blahs” or are committed to staying healthy, happy and out of the ICU.  I currently work as a nutrition consultant for corporate and health-based organizations and teach nutrition and wellness through seminars, individual counseling, and healthy-food demonstrations.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in nutrition from the University of Pittsburgh. I’m a registered dietitian (Massachusetts State Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist), a Certified Holistic Health Coach (the American Association of Drugless Practitioners) and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, skiing, playing tennis and developing new recipes (green smoothies are my specialty, although I have been known to make a mean mojito!)  I believe that passion for an active and healthy lifestyle is contagious.   I love empowering my clients by helping them find their own zeal for life.